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Francesca Reicherter: The Woman at the Forefront of the Mental Health Movement

by Michael Scott

For the past few decades, the issue of declining mental health has continued to grow in prominence worldwide. Affecting everyone from all ages and backgrounds has become a pressing concern for governments, workplaces, schools, and numerous other institutions. Seeing the downward slope in wellness statistics, Francesca Reicherter knew she had to help.

Francesca Reicherter is a celebrated creative entrepreneur, author, innovator, and staunch advocate of mental health. Her first endeavor in support of the cause is the non-profit organization “Inspiring My Generation Corporation.”

“When I was 12 years old, I started a blog titled “Inspiring My Generation” as a way to inspire my peers to live their life to the fullest in happiness and kindness toward themselves and others,” she shares.

The blog attracted numerous readers, and Francesca, although struggling with personal issues, found happiness in her impact. However, life would soon lead her to a breaking point. In 2019, Francesca Reicherter lost her godfather to suicide. The news crushed her and reminded her that 27 days before the incident when she attempted, he was there to support her and open a conversation on mental health.

Following his death, Francesca, having trouble dealing with her godfather’s passing, was admitted to a psych ward for a week.

“It was then that I realized how many people were struggling and how our mental health system did not provide enough support – education support, emotional support, or financial support – and I knew it was my calling to be a voice for those who lost theirs to suicide and those struggling who cannot speak up for themselves.”

In March 2020, on her godfather’s birthday, she launched Inspiring My Generation. The foundation was established to fight the disparity in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility. Through Inspiring My Generation, Francesca wanted to build a community of like-minded, equally driven individuals eager to boost their peers and encourage their reach to join the movement.

As her dream began to snowball and operations broadened the organization’s impact, Francesca Reicherter branched her services. She launched several ventures: a podcast entitled “Normalize the Conversation” on IGTV and YouTube, an encouragement card program where over a thousand handmade cards are sent to uplift patients in psych wards, a clothing line that promotes empowerment, and the “You Are Not Alone: The Workbook.”

The interactive workbook is the latest of Francesca’s initiatives and is designed to help kids build a “coping toolbox” and develop emotional wellness. With fun coloring pages and intellectually stimulating exercises, You Are Not Alone: The Workbook effectively carries its creator’s sentiments of decreasing loneliness and advancing the conversation on mental health.

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