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Inspiring My Generation Launches Its First Clothing Line “Therapy for All” to Promote Mental Health

LA Wire

by Johnny Bigg

Non-profit organization Inspiring My Generation Corporation is welcoming the new year as the 17th of January 2021 marked  the launch of its new enterprise, the Therapy for All clothing line. All proceeds from this project go straight to the T3 Mental Health Grant, a grant providing much-needed financial assistance that enables individuals living with mental illnesses to receive the treatment they need.

It is no secret that mental health and wellness suffered amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with 40.9% of the adult American population reporting increased incidences of adverse mental health symptoms, suicidal ideation, or substance abuse. Even before this global health crisis, there had been a massive disparity in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility. Unfortunately, the emergence of the pandemic subsequently widened the gap between the need for mental health services and the accessibility of treatment.

Francesca Reicherter witnessed this gap and the plight of the people needing assistance, resulting in the foundation of the Inspiring My Generation Corporation. With zero profit for anyone working with it, the organization operates with the mission of serving as a voice for the victims of suicide, whose deaths are still considered taboo for some even in this supposedly progressive time.

Mental health disorders are not pretty, and it’s not supposed to be, but it’s something that must be discussed in order to better the lives of people and minimize the risk of losing more to this pervasive, invisible disease. The organization normalizes the conversation around mental health and mental illness, which is the essential first step to broadening the public’s perception of a matter that affects nearly half of the population. It also provides education on mental health, mental illness, and maintaining mental wellness.

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