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Inspiring My Generation – Francesca Reicherter | Go Solo

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Francesca Reicherter, founder of Inspiring My Generation Corporation, located in Parkland, FL, USA.

What’s your business, and who are your customers?

Inspiring My Generation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention through mental health awareness, emotional support, and education. We accomplish this through 3 main initiatives.

• Normalize The Conversation Podcast. Inspiring My Generation advocates an innovative approach to raising awareness through creating a platform for open conversations. We focus on not only starting the conversation on mental health but also providing space and tools for supportive, validating conversations. We enlist mental health professionals, advocates, and individuals living with mental health conditions to join our Normalize The Conversation podcast series while simultaneously encouraging others to be an active part of the conversation. Since launching the series in 2020, We have hosted over 80 mental health conversations. New episodes premiere every Wednesday anywhere you get your podcast.

• Encouragement Card Program. At Inspiring My Generation, we firmly believe that emotional support is one of the most beneficial ways to prevent suicide. Our goal is to create a world where everybody feels seen, heard, loved, valid, worthy, and enough. Through our Encouragement Card Program, we enlist our community to provide emotional support to individuals hospitalized in psych wards as a sign of hope and love. Since launching this initiative in 2020, we have disbursed over 4,000 cards to individuals hospitalized in psych wards. Cards are donated every month among partnered facilities.

• Workbook Series. Education is key for prevention, which is why Inspiring My Generation is dedicated to providing resources that help you build the tools you need. “You Are Not Alone: The Workbook,” published in 2021, is a guide to help you build affirmations, self-love, ways to express your emotions, and coping skills. This workbook is recommended for ages 8+ and is targeted toward youth. “I AM,” published in 2022, is a guide to help you build confidence in who you are, separate who you are from how you are feeling, determine what type of support you are looking for, and find the words you need to advocate for your mental health. This workbook is recommended for ages 8+ and targeted for all ages.

Our customers are people who want to support mental health awareness and suicide prevention by normalizing the conversation and utilizing tools and resources to boost their mental health. Most customers are interested in building coping skills or learning how to advocate for their mental health.


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