Advisory Team

Inspiring My Generation is supported by an advisory team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Our team works tirelessly to amplify the mission of suicide prevention.

Natanya Wachtel, PhD

Natanya is a former therapist, educator, and seasoned customer science-powered marketing strategist. She left the corporate world searching for projects with organizations committed to making the world better. She has extensive experience with many of the big healthcare brands and writes and speaks on topics in healthtech and customer insights. Natanya is the Founder of the New Solutions Network, a socially minded, cause-driven collective for companies committed to improving the world, and is working directly with The Chopra Foundation among other amazing organizations. New Solutions Network members focus on building human-centric businesses with a demonstrated commitment to philanthropy, and provide expert commercialization and marketing enterprise solutions to help build a company’s commercial success, including behavioral science- powered advertising and marketing services. Natanya is also the Co-Founder of, an AI-powered app+platform for GenZ mental wellness, and strategic advisor for ViTel Health, Better Meal AI and MedEd Cloud, and is the board chair for Women Who Create, a non-profit mentor and scholarship organization for women of color.

Bill Reicherter

As a small business owner for over 26 years in Broward County, Bill values hard work, teamwork, commitment, and possibility. Over the years, he has been given the opportunity to employ thousands of employees and contractors. And with that, his favorite role has been serving as a mentor. As a mentor, he has been able to not only help others cultivate their own leadership, communication, and other essential life skills but also further develop his own. Bill’s passion has always been giving back. After decades of involvement in charitable organizations, donation drives, and mentoring, Bill is ready to give back to his community on a greater level.