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After incredible loss, she’s on a mission to save lives from suicide | I Don’t Mind


By Jackie Menjivar

Warning: Content discussed addresses suicide.

As a child, Fran Reicherter’s self-described superpower was her writing and her desire to change the things she knew could be better in the world. Now, the 23-year-old founder and president of Inspiring My Generation, is using her platform to transform the way we talk about and cope with mental health challenges. 

Through the encouragement card program, Inspiring My Generation is sending messages of love and support to people hospitalized in psychiatric facilities. Thousands of cards have been donated to help comfort patients on their paths to recovery. (Check out our coloring page in collaboration with Inspiring My Generation here)

A lot of this work is informed by Fran’s own experiences coping with loss, navigating the mental healthcare system, and surviving multiple suicide attempts. She’s taking the tools and resources that she learned on her mental health journey, and making them accessible to everyone. 

We sat down with Fran to learn more about how she’s using awareness, education, and early intervention to save lives.

IDM: Would you mind sharing your own personal journey with mental health?

Fran Reicherter (FR): Inspiring My Generation actually started as a blog when I was 12. At that point in my life, I was already struggling with severe anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. It was a way for me to express my emotions, but then it became my hope that other people reading it would find some kind of inspiration within it.

I was absolutely terrified of failing and that just kept getting worse until the end of high school. My parents decided to separate, and my whole life just shattered. I’ve now attached the idea that my parents’ divorce was my own fault because I wasn’t good enough. My eating disorder got to an all-time high, and that was kind of the only sense of control in my life at that time.

I was really lucky because I had my grandparents, aunt, and uncle, who were really there for me during that time. When I was in college, my grandfather would FaceTime me for a cup of coffee every morning before class, when I’d walk home to my dorm, and over dinner. He always made sure that I felt important and I felt seen.

“My uncle was the one who really talked to me and supported me emotionally through it. For the first time it felt like maybe I was going to be okay, and he said that we were going to get through this together.”


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6 Gen Z’ers You Need to Know to Break Open your Mental Health Echo Chamber

6 Gen Z’ers you Need to Know to Break Open your Mental Health Echo Chamber

Let’s face it– social media can be tricky sometimes. While it’s certainly a helpful tool in keeping us connected, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we’re constantly pressured to show off the best version of ourselves online. Plus, when our feeds are full of endless information, and bad news that’s often out of our control, tuning everything out can seem like the easier option.

Social media also has the potential to impact our mental health. In a study from the Washington Post, 43% of Gen Z’ers admitted that social media negatively affects their self-esteem. Additionally, 27% of Gen Z, which is defined by its online-ness, reports poor mental health. This statistic is particularly striking since it’s 12% higher than the next closest generation. 

But certainly, our social media experiences don’t need to be negative. By following Gen Z’ers who advocate for mental health and self-care, we can turn our feeds into safer and kinder places. Moreover, when we find advocates who offer diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices around mental health, we gain new insights and strategies we might otherwise miss in the algorithm. 

Here are 6 Gen Z’ers to follow on Instagram if you want to break open your echo chamber around mental health: 

1. Francesca Nicole Reicherter (she/her) | @freicherter

Francesca Nicole Reicherter is a mental health advocate committed to using her platform to be a voice for those who have lost theirs. She is the founder of Inspiring my Generation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting disparities in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility. On Instagram, Francesa shares resources and initiates conversations from various perspectives about making mental health care more accessible for everyone. In addition, she draws from her personal experience with suicide and mental health treatment to create safe spaces for people to talk about their own experiences.


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Inspiring My Generation – Francesca Reicherter | Go Solo

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Francesca Reicherter, founder of Inspiring My Generation Corporation, located in Parkland, FL, USA.

What’s your business, and who are your customers?

Inspiring My Generation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention through mental health awareness, emotional support, and education. We accomplish this through 3 main initiatives.

• Normalize The Conversation Podcast. Inspiring My Generation advocates an innovative approach to raising awareness through creating a platform for open conversations. We focus on not only starting the conversation on mental health but also providing space and tools for supportive, validating conversations. We enlist mental health professionals, advocates, and individuals living with mental health conditions to join our Normalize The Conversation podcast series while simultaneously encouraging others to be an active part of the conversation. Since launching the series in 2020, We have hosted over 80 mental health conversations. New episodes premiere every Wednesday anywhere you get your podcast.

• Encouragement Card Program. At Inspiring My Generation, we firmly believe that emotional support is one of the most beneficial ways to prevent suicide. Our goal is to create a world where everybody feels seen, heard, loved, valid, worthy, and enough. Through our Encouragement Card Program, we enlist our community to provide emotional support to individuals hospitalized in psych wards as a sign of hope and love. Since launching this initiative in 2020, we have disbursed over 4,000 cards to individuals hospitalized in psych wards. Cards are donated every month among partnered facilities.

• Workbook Series. Education is key for prevention, which is why Inspiring My Generation is dedicated to providing resources that help you build the tools you need. “You Are Not Alone: The Workbook,” published in 2021, is a guide to help you build affirmations, self-love, ways to express your emotions, and coping skills. This workbook is recommended for ages 8+ and is targeted toward youth. “I AM,” published in 2022, is a guide to help you build confidence in who you are, separate who you are from how you are feeling, determine what type of support you are looking for, and find the words you need to advocate for your mental health. This workbook is recommended for ages 8+ and targeted for all ages.

Our customers are people who want to support mental health awareness and suicide prevention by normalizing the conversation and utilizing tools and resources to boost their mental health. Most customers are interested in building coping skills or learning how to advocate for their mental health.


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Magellan Healthcare Provides Resources to Address Growing Needs and Bring Awareness During Mental Health Month

Featuring a collaboration with Inspiring My Generation to promote its Encouragement Card Program for the community to make encouragement cards for adults and youth hospitalized in mental health facilities

FRISCO, Texas, April 28, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Magellan Healthcare, the behavioral and specialty healthcare segment of Magellan Health, Inc., today announced resources and programs to support individuals and families in honor of Mental Health Month in May.

Each year, from 2015 to 2020, there have been increases of mental illness, serious mental illness, suicidal ideation, serious psychological distress, illicit drug use, and perceived unmet need for mental health services among U.S. adults.1 Youth mental health remains a top concern as well. In 2021, the U.S. Surgeon General and leading children’s health organizations issued declarations of a youth mental health crisis.2 Even before the pandemic, 1 in 6 children aged 2–8 in the U.S. had been diagnosed with a mental health, behavioral health, or developmental disorder.3 The prevalence of depression among adolescents aged 12–17 has steadily increased–and more than doubled–from 8% in 2010 to 17% in 2020, while the rate of treatment has only nominally increased.4

“For May and throughout the year, Magellan is committed to increasing awareness about mental health, substance use disorders, wellbeing, and reducing stigma through community outreach and innovative behavioral health services,” said Caroline Carney, M.D., president of behavioral health for Magellan Healthcare and chief medical officer of Magellan Health. “Recognizing and addressing behavioral health concerns is central to our overall health. We encourage everyone to take advantage of Magellan’s free Mental Health Month resources and information. These resources support learning more about behavioral health, and activities that support personal wellbeing.”

During Mental Health Month, Magellan is highlighting its collaboration with Inspiring My Generation (IMG) and support of the IMG Encouragement Card Program. Through the program, individuals and groups make encouragement cards for adults and youth hospitalized in mental health facilities to bring them comfort and motivation in their recovery journey. More information and resources to participate can be found at and

“We are excited to have the support of Magellan in promoting our mission and Encouragement Card Program to share messages of hope and love for those who feel hopeless and unworthy,” said Francesca Reicherter, founder and president of Inspiring My Generation. “It’s easy and fun for anyone to get involved, and we love to hear how our volunteers feel rewarded when they know they are helping to save lives.”

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Student Spotlight: Fran Reicherter

At the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, we are proud of our students and their commitment to reaching their personal and professional goals. Our Masters in Psychology student Fran Reicherter exemplifies how hard work can get you exactly where you want to be.

Francesca Reicherter is the Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation, a 501(c)3 in support of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Inspired by her mental health journey, Francesca works to make resources and information accessible. In 2021, Francesca published, “You Are Not Alone: The Workbook,” as a guide to help the reader build a coping toolbox. She has her upcoming second workbook “I AM.” Her work has been widely recognized in national publications, including New York WeeklyLA WireUS ReporterChicago Journal, and more! Dedicated to ending the stigma, Francesca hosts Normalize The Conversation, a podcast series amplifying the voices of mental health professionals, advocates, and any individual interested in sharing their story.

What made you choose Pepperdine Masters in Psychology program over other programs?

“I chose Pepperdine Masters in Psychology program for multiple reasons. Pepperdine exemplifies the values that not only align with my own but also what I want in education. When applying to this program, I knew I wanted to take part in world-changing work, from a global scale through my nonprofit to one-on-one support in therapy. The program also works as an amazing stepping stone toward a PsyD program, which I intend to complete following my MA. And, lastly, as a future clinical psychologist, I want an education that provides me with valuable skills to connect with my patient and offer support that enhances their potential and mental health.”

How has your experience been at GSEP?

“This is my first semester, and so far my experience has been amazing! I am very fortunate to have classes with two professors who have done incredible work in the field. Both professors go above and beyond to provide the tools we need to learn in a stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities for continuous growth. Although my courses are currently online, I have been able to connect with my peers and collaborate as we embark on the journey of learning to properly diagnose and treat. Thus far, I feel confident that my education will prepare me to change the world through my nonprofit work, future clinical practice, and future research.”

What opportunities do you hope to pursue after finishing your degree?

“After completing my MA degree, I intend on furthering my education with a PsyD. I am hoping to conduct research on clinical interventions that help young children discover coping mechanisms before they are needed. I also intend on continuing the work with my nonprofit and working toward bigger goals, including policy change in support of mental health and youth mental health and increasing treatment accessibility. I intend to utilize my education, research, and work to host workshops and seminars providing key information and resources to the public. Currently, I am putting out one workbook a year for our youth, with the intent of building a full course upon finishing my studies with the objective of significantly reducing youth suicide rates. And lastly, expanding my podcast to include more conversations with colleagues countering misinformation and providing resources people need.”

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How to Advocate for Mental Health in College: Real Students’ Stories

In a college mental health crisis, students are speaking up. Find out how students are advocating for mental health on their campuses.

by Lyss Welding Published on April 14, 2022 · Updated on May 7, 2022

  • College mental health is declining, but student advocates are speaking up.
  • You can join a mental health advocacy initiative or start your own.
  • Student advocates recommend caring for your own mental health first.

In 2018, Francesca Reicherter survived suicide for the first time. She credits her uncle for saving her life by talking to her about mental health. Weeks later, her uncle died by suicide, and Reicherter began a long journey of misdiagnosis and mistreatment for what she would later learn was bipolar 2 disorder.

“We don’t talk enough about mental illness or grow up talking about it in a way that helps us know how to advocate,” Reicherter said.

Just because we don’t talk about mental health disorders or conditions doesn’t mean they’re not prevalent.

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that mental health disorders occur more among 18-to-25-year-olds than in other age groups. What’s more, the pandemic has worsened the college mental health crisis.

But some students are leading the charge to fight against stigma. Check out their stories for examples and advice on how to advocate for mental health on your campus.

5 Ways to Advocate for Mental Health in College

Whether you’re drawn to speaking, writing, or something out of the box, there are many ways college students can get involved in mental health advocacy. Here are a few ideas.

1. Share Your Story

Today, Reicherter speaks out to fight stigma. She founded Inspiring My Generation, a nonprofit with the mission to save lives by raising awareness for mental health, early symptom detection, and suicide prevention.

“What worked for me personally was sharing my story. First, it was just writing it down on a piece of paper — and then crumbling it up,” Reicherter said. “It turned into posting a blog and getting responses from other people. Then I started talking about it and slowly sharing my story as I felt comfortable.”

Why It Works

Reicherter said speaking out normalizes your mental wellness for yourself and promotes confidence in others to take care of themselves.

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Top 10 Powerful Women of 2021

The power play between men and women has been unfair against women, to say the least. Women have to fight and engage in several movements before they’ve had the chance to assume niches in society. Before, men were the only ones who held power or owned businesses, but now, we have women presidents, businesswomen – influential women who have proven that women are as capable as men. Here are Yahoo Finance’s Top 10 powerful women in 2021:

Francesca Reicherter

Founder of Inspiring My Generation Corporation (IMG), a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the disparity in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility. Francesca’s mission is to be a voice for those who lost theirs to suicide and to let others struggling know they are not alone. Francesca hosts a weekly Normalize The Conversation IGTV series with advocates and professionals in hopes of ending the stigma.

She also developed an Encouragement Card Program where 150 hand-made cards are sent out to patients in mental hospitals monthly. This year alone, Francesca launched the T3 Mental Health Grant to provide financial assistance to individuals living with mental illness who cannot afford treatment and IMG’s first clothing collection called “therapy for all” where proceeds are donated to the Grant.

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Inspiring My Generation Launches Clothing Line “Therapy for All” to Promote Mental Health

The Chicago Journal

by Christian Strauss

Despite having persisted for decades, mental health continues to lack attention in numerous institutes worldwide. However, several endeavors have been launched to remedy this and raise the conversation on mental health – among those being Inspiring My Generation’s newest venture “Therapy for All.”

As a nonprofit organization established by Francesca Reicherter, Inspiring My Generation operates on the mission to bring warmth to people dealing with mental illnesses. “I wanted to build a brand centered around giving back and encouraging activism,” the inspirational founder shares.

“I wanted to build a brand that served as a source of hope and encouragement for individuals living with mental illness to know they are not alone and there are people out there willing to lend a helping hand.”

Francesca has also designed “Inspiring My Generation” as a voice for those who lost loved ones to suicide in honor of the lives that they were not able to live.

Furthering this mission, Inspiring My Generation has been instrumental in the fight against the stigma surrounding mental health. By becoming an indispensable voice of faith and strength and normalizing the conversation on mental illnesses, the influential nonprofit organization has helped countless individuals worldwide survive and thrive.

On January 17, 2021, Francesca Reicherter’s successful venture launched its first clothing collection called “Therapy for All.” The collection’s proceeds are donated to the T3 Mental Health Grant that provides financial assistance to people living with mental illness who cannot afford the treatment they need.

To appeal to its international audience, “Therapy for All” carries merchandise with uplifting messages centered on promoting mental health. Through T-shirts, notebooks, and hoodies, the collection echoes the advocacy that inspired its launch. 

“We also have limited edition items coming out at the end of every quarter, giveaways at the start of every month on our Instagram, and a second collection launching in July 2021,” Francesca reveals.

While her dedicated team gets busy with their upcoming projects, Inspiring My Generation grows its impact in the community. Continuing to develop its legacy, the nonprofit organization provides support and encouragement to those hospitalized with suicidal ideation. Inspiring My Generation also educates its reach on mental health, illness, and wellness. It also writes imperative letters to state government leaders to increase the support and call for funding for its cause – communicating the need for supportive treatment laws for individuals dealing with mental illness. Slowly changing the world with every letter, and now, with every item sold, Francesca plans to grow Inspiring My Generation’s clothing collections.

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Inspiring My Generation Raises Awareness About Mental Health Through Its “Therapy For All” Collection

The American Reporter

by Kyle Matthews

Inspiring My Generation Raises Awareness About Mental Health Through Its “Therapy For All” Collection

To this day, the social stigma associated with mental health issues remains a prevalent and daunting challenge, one that influences people’s decision to seek professional help. While significant strides have been made to normalize the conversation surrounding mental health and mental illness, more needs to be done to help the countless individuals who are affected, and emphasis should also be given to building a supportive community. Highly aware of the disparity in the level of mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility among millions of affected people, Inspiring My Generation has emerged as a leading non-profit organization whose purpose-driven initiatives are currently making a difference. 

This passion-fueled entity was established by Francesa Reicherter to serve as a voice for those who lost theirs to suicide. It hopes to bring change and inspire action by normalizing the conversation around mental health and mental illness and providing support and encouragement to individuals hospitalized because of suicidal ideations. Inspiring My Generation underscores, as well, the importance of giving financial assistance to those living with mental illness who cannot afford essential treatment, educating the general population on mental health, mental illness, and mental wellness, and writing letters to state government leaders. 

As a believer in collective action, Inspiring My Generation considers reaching out to established authorities and state government leaders among its priorities. The letters that it sends out highlight the lack of support and need for immediate action when it comes to funding, as well as crafting and enacting supportive treatment laws for individuals living with mental illness. 

At the core of this humanitarian organization is the intention to serve as a source of hope and encouragement for those who may feel unheard, unloved, and alone in their mental health struggles. More than anything else, on top of honoring the innumerable number of lives lost, Inspiring My Generation wants to send across a message of solidarity to people embroiled in psychological battles. 

Since its establishment, Inspiring My Generation has introduced numerous initiatives for the welfare of its target beneficiaries. On January 17, 2021, it launched its first clothing collection called “Therapy For All,” and the proceeds from the venture will be donated to the T3 Mental Health Grant, which provides financial assistance to people dealing with mental illnesses who cannot afford essential treatment. Additionally, this brainchild of Francesca Reicherter also has a line of limited edition items coming out at the end of every quarter, as well as giveaways hosted at the start of every month on its Instagram page. 

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Inspiring My Generation Corporation Breaks the Stigma and Promotes Mental Wellness

Those people who live with a mental illness have reached a point in their lives where they have been blamed for their condition. They have been discriminated against and gone through a time when people have pointed their fingers at them. This is the unrelenting power that the stigma holds. Time and again, these individuals have experienced several unfortunate events due to the stigma that they often hold themselves back from seeking the help that they need. As a result, they carry not only the burden of their circumstances but also the pains of negative public perception.

Although the mental health stigma has continued to diminish over the years, this unfortunate circumstance remains to exist. As someone who is exceptionally passionate about mental health, Francesca Reicherter, the esteemed founder of Inspiring My Generation Corporation, seeks to break the stigma by becoming a vessel of transformation and a voice of the unheard.

Widely acknowledged for her revolutionary pursuits, Francesca Reicherter meticulously amplifies her advocacy by creating avenues that seek to normalize conversations about mental health and illnesses. According to her, if only people spread awareness about the significance of mental health, those who suffer from mental illnesses would find the courage to speak up and seek the help that they need. Thus, Inspiring My Generation Corporation came into existence.

Inspiring My Generation Corporation is a nonprofit organization that transcends the limits of mental health and bridges the gap between its awareness, support, and accessibility to treatments. It serves as a platform of encouragement for those individuals suffering from mental illnesses and a support system for those families who have lost their loved ones to the debilitating effects of such diseases. It is also an avenue that provides financial assistance for those who cannot afford to seek treatment.

Besides its reactive efforts, Inspiring My Generation Corporation also moves forward with its advocacy proactively. In other words, not only does this trailblazing company focus on providing help and support to those in need but also breaks the stigma by promoting awareness through education. The company also lobbies its advocacy on a much larger scale by collaborating with other influential organizations.