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Education is a KEY component of prevention, which is our founder, Francesca Reicherter, has developed an educational series comprised of workbooks and workshops to help YOU build the tools you need BEFORE you need them.

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The three workbooks in Inspiring My Generation's Education Series are designed to help YOU build essential tools to cope with life's stressors, reach out for help, and check in with how you are feeling.


The five workshops in Inspiring My Generation's Education Series are based on the workbooks and customized to the audience's demographics and needs. Each workshop contains FREE downloadable material for all attendees.

Disclaimer: These materials are developed by an individual with lived experience. The workbooks and workshops are not created by a licensed mental health professional. These materials are not intended to replace therapy, counseling, or any form of professional mental health services.

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About Francesca Reicherter

Francesca Reicherter is the Founder and CEO of Inspiring My Generation, a 501(c)3 on a mission of suicide prevention through awareness, conversation, education, and support. She holds an MS in Information Systems and Operations Management from the University of Florida and is a current 2nd year MA in Psychology student at Pepperdine University. Inspired by her mental health journey, Francesca works to make resources and information accessible.


During the NAMI Florida conference, I attended Fran's workshop on positive self-talk and coping skills. The session provided a valuable experience through an engaging, interactive presentation centered on informative practical strategies for wellbeing, especially focused on youth and young adults. I learned additional techniques not only to talk to myself in a supportive way but also to understand navigating concrete fundamental ways to do so. Inner dialogue can be quite powerful when reframing negative thoughts into a more positive uplifting light and enhanced self-awareness. The session also shared essential coping skills that anyone could use to become more resilient with their own adventurous mental-health journeys. Fran did a phenomenal job in delivering this important topic to attendees and conducted a brilliant presentation that I hope to her as a speaker again at next year's conference.

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Davy Yue

Volunteer Leadership Excellence at NAMI Palm Beach County


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