For Healthcare Interested In Education Series

Inspiring My Generation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention through mental health awareness, emotional support, and education. Our main preventative initiative is the Education Series featuring workbooks developed by Francesca Reicherter, Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation Corporation.

Each year, Francesca publishes a new workbook to serve as a preventative tool in youth mental health. Currently, there are two (2) workbooks available, You Are Not Alone: The Workbook” and “I AM”.

Francesca Reicherter is available to connect with your team to share more about the workbooks and answer any and all questions.

For more information, please download the documents below. These documents highlight both workbooks and share potential implementation strategies. For additional questions, cost breakdown, or to schedule a meeting with Francesca, please submit the following contact form.