Frequently Asked Questions

What are Encouragement Cards?

Encouragement Cards are messages of hope delivered to those who are struggling to hold on to hope. These cards include words of encouragement, love, and support as a reminder that the recipient is not in this alone and they will get through it.

Where do Encouragement Cards go?

Every month, Inspiring My Generation shares encouragement cards with individuals receiving in-patient treatment at behavioral health facilities. Currently, we serve Broward Health Behavioral Health, Fair Oaks Pavilion at Delray Medical Center, and Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Behavioral. This program is always looking to expand to more facilities and we also do one time donations to recommended facilities when possible.

What messages should I include in the Encouragement Cards?

When you are feeling sad, what is one message that makes you feel better? Those are the types of messages to include on encouragement cards. Other examples include, You are not alone; You will get through this; I believe in you; You are enough; Thinking of you.

What do Encouragement Cards look like?

Let your creativity shine! How you make the encouragement cards is completely up to you! Some people print out coloring pages, some make hand drawn and written cards, and others write messages into blank cards. What your card looks like, is up to you!

How do I get involved?

There are multiple ways! You can create and donate encouragement cards, host encouragement card parties with your loved ones or local community, or you can donate money to the program.

Where do donations go?

Donations toward the encouragement card program are used in many ways. First, donations help cover supplies. For example, the cost of paper and ink to print hundreds of coloring sheets each month provided to schools for their students to get involved. Donations also help cover the cost of shipping out the cards to our partnered facilities.

Can I get service hours?

Yes! Inspiring My Generation offers 1 service hour for every 2 cards donated! To get your service hours, mail the service hour sheet with the encouragement cards. Once the cards and service hour sheet is received, the service hour form will be signed and mailed back immediately to the return address.