Join the President’s Circle

Dear Friend,

Thank you in advance for your consideration of supporting Inspiring My Generation. What started as a blog to share my story and lessons I learned was followed by my passion project and life’s mission, Inspiring My Generation.

As a three-time suicide attempt survivor, I learned quickly how the lack of awareness, the underfunded mental health facilities, the misdiagnoses, the stigma, and the high financial strain for quality treatment has led to an increasing suicide rate as millions suffer alone in silence. Our priority needs to shift from solely awareness to prevention and early detection of mental health symptoms.

I hope you join me in my mission to be a voice for those who lost theirs to suicide, those on the edge barely holding on, and those unable to advocate for themselves.

Together, let us take control of the narrative and change the way we as a society, our government, and our medical community approach mental health.

With love and gratitude,


Founder & President, Inspiring My Generation

Society’s response when someone dies by suicide: Why didn’t they reach out for help? I would have helped them. They were so loved. They didn’t deserve their pain.


Society’s response when someone opens up about struggling with mental health 

What is the President’s Circle?

Our President’s Circle Members are philanthropists who not only believe in Inspiring My Generation’s mission but also desire to become part of the fundraising and advocacy team. President’s Circle Members are eager to play an active role in fighting the stigma associated with reaching out for help, in order to further suicide prevention.

President’s Circle Member Responsibilities

  • President’s Circle Member must make a $1,000 tax-deductible donation per year. Initial payment is due at the time of commitment. Following payments are due at the beginning of each calendar year to continue serving.
  • President’s Circle Members advocate for Inspiring My Generation’s mission and numerous initiatives whenever possible.
  • President’s Circle are strongly encouraged to identify potential donors within their personal and professional networks.

Why Become A President’s Circle Member?

  • Eligibility to receive Board Members seats.
  • Play an essential role in suicide prevention as they join a movement focused on bridging the gap in awareness, support, and quality treatment accessibility.
  • Join a network of philanthropists supporting a common goal: suicide prevention.