Mental Health Warrior League

A youth league designed to engage the next generation in mental health awareness through our various initiatives.

Mental health conditions do not discriminate. Regardless of age, ethnic background, and economic background, you are vulnerable to mental health conditions. Studies estimate that every person will experience a mental health related episode at some point in their lives. The suicide rate is continuously on the rise. A future where there is no stigma on mental health conditions, where everyone has access to quality treatment, where everyone feels seen, heard, loved, valid, worthy, and enough begins with us.

By establishing a Mental Health Warrior League, you will play a vital role in not only spreading awareness to your friends, family, and community on mental health, but also in suicide prevention. Leagues will be focused on engaging and normalizing the conversation on mental health, providing support and tools to individuals living with mental health conditions, and educating others on mental health conditions, symptoms, and emotional wellness.

Mental Health Warrior Leagues can be created as a community program, secondary school club, or college club. All participants will be allotted service hours upon request and proof of active participation.



To officially be recognized as a chapter of the Mental Health Warrior League, please email a copy of the signed agreement to