Our Mission

Inspiring My Generation is on a mission to reduce the suicide rate through mental health awareness, conversation, education, and support.

Inspiring My Generation advocates an innovative approach on raising awareness through creating a platform for open conversations. We enlist mental health professionals, advocates, and individuals with lived experience from around the world to join our podcast, Normalize The Conversation. The objective is to amplify mental health stories, information, and resources as we normalize the conversation on all things connected to mental health.

New episodes are released on Wednesdays.

At Inspiring My Generation, we firmly believe that one of the most beneficial ways to prevent suicide is through community and emotional support. Through our Encouragement Card Program, we enlist individuals around the country to develop handmade notes of love, support, hope, and encouragement. These cards are donated to patients hospitalized in psych wards or receiving treatment in a behavioral health facility as a reminder that no one is alone in this journey.

500+ cards are donated each month.

Inspiring My Generation is dedicated to true preventative work, which is why our founder, Francesca Reicherter, has developed resources to guide YOU in the development of essential preventative mental health tools. From learning how to build coping skills to developing the language for a supportive mental health conversation, the workbooks and workshops developed by Francesca are designed to teach YOU the tools you need.

Workshops may be customized to attendees.