When I met Francesca mid Pandemic and she had told me her backstory for why she started about her 501C3, Inspiring My Generation (IMG), I knew I had to get involved. Her story, along with the story of so many others really opened my eyes to how important mental health really is and how devastating it can be to ones person and loved ones. She helped me realize that Mental Health is the most important epidemic, not only here in America, but also around the world. As a guest on her podcast, ‘Normalize the Conversation,’ Francesca and I sat down to discuss how we can begin to chip away at “Ending the stigma” around mental health by educating our youth about mental health and giving them the proper support systems they need to discuss their troubles. Francesca is one of the biggest advocates for mental health and I commend her for all her work she’s done for not only those who struggle with Mental Health, but also those who knows someone who struggles or who has struggled. If you have the chance, I highly recommend you check out her podcast, buy IMG Merch, and support IMG’s mission to end the stigma behind mental health. Keep working hard, Fran!

Paul Johnson

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