Our Mission

Inspiring My Generation’s mission is to save lives through mental health awareness, early symptom detection. and suicide prevention.

We accomplish this with a five-pronged approach:

Mental Health Awareness.

“The only way to end the stigma for the next generation is to open and normalize the conversation today.”

Francesca Reicherter, Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation

Inspiring My Generation advocates an innovative approach on raising awareness through creating a platform for open conversations. Through our many initiatives, we focus on not only starting the conversation on mental health, but also providing space and tools for a supportive, validating conversations. We enlist mental health professionals, advocates, and individuals living with mental health conditions to join our Normalize The Conversation podcast series, while simultaneously encouraging others to be an active part of the conversation. New episodes of Normalize The Conversation are available weekly on our YouTube and IGTV channels.

Emotional Support.

Suicide is preventable. If we provide the resources and tools needed to cope with overwhelming emotions, if we create a safe space where everyone feels heard, and if we ensure everyone knows they are not alone regardless of what they are going through, then we can prevent suicide.

Francesca Reicherter, Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation

At Inspiring My Generation, we firmly believe that one of the most beneficial ways to prevent suicide is through emotional support. Our goal is to create a world where everybody feels seen, heard, loved, valid, worthy, and enough. Through our Encouragement Card Program, we enlist our community to provide emotional support to individuals hospitalized in psych wards as a sign of hope and love. Through our many additional initiatives and founder’s publications, we are focused on providing the tools and support needed to humanize emotions and promote emotional wellness.


Our Educational Series is dedicated to early symptom detection and learning how to cope with symptoms and conditions. Francesca Reicherter, Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation, published the “You Are Not Alone: The Workbook” as part 1 of our educational series. In addition to the publication, we have developed a Mental Health Warrior League for students in high school and college to start the conversation on mental health and educate their peers on important symptoms to look out for.

Treatment Accessibility.

Therapy is a right not a privilege. Everyone deserves access to quality treatment without financial or structural barriers.

Francesca Reicherter, Founder and President of Inspiring My Generation

In today’s world, there is still a high percentage of individuals diagnosed with mental illness who cannot afford essential treatment (even with insurance coverage!), including therapy and medication. Our latest campaign encourages our members and community to participate in fundraising for essential treatment through donating, hosting fundraising events, and purchasing our products.

Policy Change.

Inspiring My Generation aims to further mental health awareness and accessibility within our education systems through recognition and treatment of mental illness in the same manner our school boards recognize and treat physical illness—with ample time off, deadline flexibility, and exam makeups. Inspiring My Generation also has partnered with numerous mental health nonprofits in an endeavor to work toward bringing emotional wellness education programs into the school system as early as Kindergarten and to create a minimum standard quality of care within psych wards that sets individuals discharged up for success rather than failure. Through these efforts, Fran was named one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Women of 2021 by Yahoo Finance.