Normalize the Conversation

A series aimed at creating open, authentic conversations on mental health. At Inspiring My Generation, we are focused on not only starting the conversation on mental health, but also providing space and tools for a supportive, validating conversations. The objective is to amplify the voices of our mental health community while providing information on various mental health conditions and symptoms from mental health professionals and / or individuals with lived experience.

No matter who you are or what you are going through, you are NOT alone. We hope our series helps you feel seen. If you are interested in being a guest, please submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Do Stress and Pressure in the Workplace Result in Executive Loneliness? with Nick Jonsson Normalize The Conversation

Have you ever experienced an overwhelming feeling of stress and pressure at work? You are not alone! Work is commonplace for people to experience extreme levels of stress, often presenting itself through negative changes in job performance, productivity, work engagement, communication, and daily functioning. But stress and pressure within the workplace do not have to negatively impact your life. Welcome to Normalize The Conversation, your host Francesca Reicherter is joined by Nick Jonnson. Nick was born in Sweden and has spent the last 20 years living and working in Southeast Asia and has now relocated to Singapore about 5 years ago. He had a long corporate career as a managing director, but now his life has changed. After experiencing feelings of isolation and stress rising from extreme levels of pressure and a lack of tools to alleviate the stress, he has left the corporate world and is now organizing confidential peer groups for senior executives and business owners to create a safe space outside of the workplace for individuals to discuss stress, pressure, and other work-related challenges. Join us as we uncover the influence of stress and pressure in the workplace on one’s mental health and what we can do to reduce the negative impact. — Support this podcast:
  1. Do Stress and Pressure in the Workplace Result in Executive Loneliness? with Nick Jonsson
  2. Is There Hope for The Future of Mental Health: From Social Media to Healthcare? with Dr. Ally Jaffee
  3. Does Sound Healing Help You Form a Deeper Connection to Yourself? with Sara Auster
  4. A Transformation Story: Navigating Loss & Grief with Lindsay Astor
  5. Wellness From a Holistic Point of View: Food, Environment, and More! with Daniella Monet

Disclaimer: Inspiring My Generation is dedicated to providing a safe place for open mental health conversations that offer support and information on what has worked for others. Please note, mental health is not a “one size fits all” and what works for some may not work for others. Although education is an importance piece of our series, it is up to you to conduct your own research, connect with medical professionals, and determine what is best for you.